Tired of having to sort out all the little and sometimes large problems that come with having a probate property to sell or manage?

Why have the hassle and spend time selling or maintaining the property when we can do it for you?

Our Services include

  • Move items from clients home to nursing home
  • Initial visit to property to collect any paperwork, valuables, change locks if required, make sure heating is set to recommended temperature
  • Call out if problem with property eg: faulty boiler or house alarm being triggered
  • Read the meters
  • Security check
  • Collect mail
  • Arrange for gardens to be maintained

Selling and managing your property from start to finish. (Anywhere in the UK)

We can offer you the whole package for selling your property from start to finish including clearing any household goods before completion, advertising your property for sale, arranging viewings, negotiations with prospective buyers, contacting solicitors to act on your behalf, communicating with other parties in the chain and handing over keys on completion.

Garden and Outside Maintenance

We can make arrangements to maintain the grounds and make any necessary repairs to gutters, sheds or outside equipment.

Get in Contact

Please call or email now if you have any queries or require a quote for any of our services.

Nick Pawley

Tel: 07933 095 295

Email: [email protected]

Clive Brown

Tel: 07493 553 329

Email: [email protected]

Working Hours

Available 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm (Further/additional hours subject to agreement).